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Reviews, comments

Snowwhite - 12/4/2023 15:51:22

Very bad. System still showing "out for delivery" for 2 days now, and I haven't receive notification re my collection. Please advise when can I go collect? I would like to collect by Sunday 10 Dec.

Maggie - 12/2/2023 22:08:31

Did not receive item!! Second time!!! Dishonest delivery company/people.

Eva Lee - 12/2/2023 21:18:15

Shipping schedule stated as buyer reschedule for 2 times, crazy driver.. I don't even make reschedule for my orders and instead I'm waiting for 3 days to get my parcels. Bad service.

Richards - 12/2/2023 20:28:08

Stated on 30th Nov unable to deliver, re-deliver within 2days, its 2nd Dec and i still not receive my items.. slow

Subhrajit Sil - 12/2/2023 16:36:37

Item still not delivered. It's showing out for delivery since 2 days now and haven't received the product yet. Very Poor service

Andy - 12/2/2023 14:13:27

No one can provide a satisfactory answer of where my product is

Judie - 12/2/2023 8:54:54

I did not receive my item

Yong Yi Ling - 12/1/2023 13:59:03

I’m use express but I didn’t receive parcel.

Angie - 12/1/2023 0:04:30

Worst service

Chua Chee Wee - 11/30/2023 19:58:32

Telling me that the delivery man is out for delivery at 6+am, but product still not delivered. Needs improvement.

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