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Reviews, comments

Indri Chia - 4/22/2024 17:31:59

Why they never obey, when I said put inside the electric riser. This guy, always put anywhere he want to put. Also not send the picture

Safari - 4/22/2024 17:02:00

Not Receive

Sharen goh - 4/21/2024 6:46:00

Good and fast to use

HC - 4/20/2024 22:21:51

I tried to do a return today but faced error in app. Went to a shop to return but shop owner says not acceptable just putting down a tracking number hand written. Store wanted me to use their paper firm which is just a paper with handwritten tracking number. Charged me $2 fir this service.

Hossain - 4/20/2024 5:08:09

Delivery suppose to next day delivery but I waiting full day the delivery person never contact me but said recipient wasn’t the location ! What the hell? If never contact how to know what time delivery will come?

Raven - 4/19/2024 20:52:30

walao eh fucking chi bai eh really. i buy ga ole disk then it said delivery expected on 19 march. IT CAME TODAY. 1 MONTH LATER. eh shoppe what the fuck huh, do what slacking off ah. i also pay extra for NEXT DAY DELIVERY. chibai

Yall aint slick - 4/17/2024 20:38:28

I paid extra for next fay delivery, they said incomplete address, i call cap on that shit, what bs is that? if the past 30 stores ive bought from can send the fucking thing over is it the address ?? lmao? if u cant make it in time dont be shy just say it 😊

Kumari - 4/17/2024 20:14:07

I waited the whole day even though it was supposed to be delived today.Very disappointed and not good service.

Don’t need to know - 4/16/2024 21:12:18

Deceive people of using the next day delivery service

Mohammed Abusali - 4/16/2024 18:20:26

Very fast

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