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Reviews, comments

Hasif - 5/27/2023 22:28:48


Thomas Tan - 5/17/2023 19:17:24

The office is still opened and yet, they said the office is closed. WTF.. i think this service need to shut down. What a joke

Clarence CHEANG - 4/26/2023 10:40:24

Worst shipping provider EVER!!!!!!!

Ya - 4/21/2023 18:59:40

mungkin staff shopee xpress dah meninggal semua tu la barang terperap ja kat gudang..srvice macam taik..bagis pigi mati lah buka courier tamba bikin susah..bikin kerja org jd lambat..🤮🤮🤮

Muhammad Luqman - 4/5/2023 18:01:41

Bad delivery system.. too late and until now I never get my item

Firdaus - 4/5/2023 0:51:07


A - 4/1/2023 20:19:58

seems like sometimes the shopee orders will arrive one day late even though it’s been out for delivery since 6/8am. understand that there’s many many packages but i think better management is necessary as i’ve often experienced drivers indicating that packages have arrived (maybe to hit the delivery quota of the day?) but the packages only arrive a day after that which worries me cause sometimes i think that my packages were accidentally thrown away/taken when they just haven’t been delivered

NOOR AZEERA BINTI JAMIL - 4/1/2023 17:00:48

Barang Tak sampai

Smsul - 3/27/2023 11:57:25

Brng tak smpai lagi mcm order dri china! Padahal pahang - jb je . Patiamak

luqman hakim bin abu bakar - 3/24/2023 14:33:33

kenapa lambat sangat ye parcel saya sampai

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