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Kelvin Oh - 4/21/2024 14:03:39

Too many ads and too cramp to see anything. If can add a map to see exact location will be much better

Winston - 4/21/2024 11:39:12

Can’t track because of server issue and it’s taking a long time to wait for delivery

En - 4/20/2024 11:37:27

Promised delivery date was latest by 19 Apr. From 17 Apr 1055am the package status was Out for Delivery , Delivery will be attempted today. Its 20 Apr now and nothing has arrived

SUHAILAH - 4/13/2024 21:11:50

Neither door bell nor door knock was heard. Suddenly received SMS stating tried to deliver but failed. The attempted was done at 22:05hrs. Logically, who would standby at the door that timing just to wait for delivery? Pretty sure no delivery was done as stated. Emailed no reply. Hotline no one answer calls.

Siti Suhaila - 4/13/2024 21:09:46

No one come to my house ti delivery it .. my mother waited until she missed her open house just to wait the parcel to be deliverer....

Ina - 4/13/2024 20:45:05

No one came, was waiting for the parcel & after checking status its updated as the delivery failed customer req for rescheduled. May i know what happen?

COVE - 4/13/2024 18:58:23

I truck my parcel and it said its in my locotion already but 30mins past does'nt delivered yet and no one come at all.

Gary Ng - 4/13/2024 13:13:33

Has it arrived at my house

James - 4/13/2024 10:25:04

Tracking website is terrible. Stupid verification security that you cannot read.

Nur - 4/8/2024 0:13:49


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