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Real time tracking and monitoring parcel packages status in Singapore. Supports DHL, SingPost, J&T, Ninja Van, FedEx, UPS, CJ, Shopee Xpress SPX, Qxpress, Speedpost and more.

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About Parcel Tracking in Singapore

Track your parcel packages in Singapore anywhere and anytime.

Track and Trace one or multiple parcel packages with Parcel Tracking Singapore. Real-time status parcel tracking to check tracking status of your parcel with tracking number.

How to track the parcel packages?

Just enter the tracking number (reference number). Following the steps of Parcel Tracking Singapore online system to track your parcel or shipment.

Transport companies which support our online tracking system with Parcel Tracking Singapore for example DHL Singapore , SingPost , J&T Express Singapore , Ninja Van Singapore , FedEx Singapore , UPS Singapore , Shopee Xpress , Qxpress , Speedpost Singapore , CJ Logistics Singapore ,

Last reviews


Chan Hee Bock - 6/8/2023 13:03:43

No response once items missed delivery


ONG KAR TECK - 6/7/2023 19:34:12

The delivery is supposed to be already paid, but delivery guy still demand $45.00 saying it's COD


Virash - 6/4/2023 17:04:52

Excellent service


Tiah Liwei Yvain - 6/2/2023 22:38:14

Ridiculous service. FIRST DELIVERY FAILED and claimed address was wrong. Which part was wrong? Nothing was said. I gave the address again via telecall to your operator and till now I have not receive any parcel nor SMS. No notification! Be like Ninjavan. Delivery status: successful or unsuccessful will always be prompted via SMS or email.


Macy - 6/2/2023 15:44:29

Cannot track parcel,SM301028461SG


Xoxoo - 5/31/2023 23:31:53

SingPost collected parcel from sender on Tuesday and send back to sender on Wednesday??? When will receiver receive the parcel


Sukhwant pal singh - 5/28/2023 13:07:58

When I take my items


Hasif - 5/27/2023 22:28:48



Mr Mao - 5/26/2023 19:18:43

You promise me delivery by today but I didn't receive my items until now 26/05/23, 8:20pm. My family will go overseas tomorrow morning 6am. My items are gift for my friends, what can I do now?


Rex Abaricia - 5/26/2023 9:47:43

Very Poor

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