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Real time tracking and monitoring parcel packages status in Singapore. Supports DHL, SingPost, J&T, Ninja Van, FedEx, UPS, CJ, Shopee Xpress SPX, Qxpress, Speedpost and more.

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About Parcel Tracking in Singapore

Track your parcel packages in Singapore anywhere and anytime.

Track and Trace one or multiple parcel packages with Parcel Tracking Singapore. Real-time status parcel tracking to check tracking status of your parcel with tracking number.

How to track the parcel packages?

Just enter the tracking number (reference number). Following the steps of Parcel Tracking Singapore online system to track your parcel or shipment.

Transport companies which support our online tracking system with Parcel Tracking Singapore for example DHL Singapore , SingPost , J&T Express Singapore , Ninja Van Singapore , FedEx Singapore , UPS Singapore , Shopee Xpress , Qxpress , Speedpost Singapore , CJ Logistics Singapore ,

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elyse - 12/2/2022 2:01:26



Radian - 12/1/2022 17:05:53

Poor service. Your staff Lee seng can’t understand english. I said to place my package in front of our door as i will not be able to receive the item cause i am working morning shift. I placed the 2 delivery notification mail at my door. Some more the tracking no. That was written and sent to me is wrong. I cant track it on your app or website. You need to compensate me if you will return my item to the sender plus the inconvenience you caused.


Vernice - 12/1/2022 15:12:02



Yiwen - 12/1/2022 14:36:48

No update on parcel delay or issues


Choo - 11/30/2022 11:13:12

The check process is easy and fast. However, It will be better to indicate the reason for the return. Also the status returning to sender.


Sheri - 11/29/2022 22:01:07

We are home waiting for the parcel. Don't understand why the delivery was failed. We did not receive any intercom call from delivery guy. Hope the 2nd attempt won't fail again.


Zainaba - 11/29/2022 9:29:21

What is the product?


Win Leonardo - 11/28/2022 12:35:15



Rahimah - 11/28/2022 11:40:43

My case literally not found with the driver , it affect the reputation of the seller and the delivery company


Ronald Ang - 11/28/2022 9:00:20

Can't track my oversea incoming package.

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