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Cindy - 2/7/2023 10:16:25

What's the purpose of registered mails when the letter is dropped into their letterbox?

Jazzmyn - 2/5/2023 14:23:38

out for delivery yesterday but still not delivered yet

vikaas - 2/4/2023 21:47:59

no tracking details found

Bernard Wan - 2/4/2023 20:54:32

Verification of Recipient information. I did not receive my parcel on 3 Feb'23, however, the status shows that it was delivered with a parcel photo attached with someone's signature who impersonated me. Until today, I have yet to receive my parcel worth S$115.69 bought via Lazada. How can SingPost do such a thing...I will lodge a police report for cheating and impersonation from SingPost by Monday. If nobody from SingPost contact me by Monday, 1pm. My mobile: 90479818, email:

Abdul - 2/4/2023 14:44:37

Can't track

Caryn seng - 2/4/2023 10:52:35

My items were not delivered. Singpost registered mail is useless. Cannot update tracking too.

Catherine Chin - 2/3/2023 22:06:30

No specific delivery date and time available. Expect addressee to stay home 24/7 to receive parcels delivery?

Catherine Chin - 2/3/2023 22:05:25

No specific delivery date and time available. Impossible for addressee to stay home 24/7 to receive parcels delivery.

DiDi - 2/1/2023 17:35:39

You should call more times

Hatem saed - 1/31/2023 5:16:46

The tracking stuck on 16/12/2022 my email

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How to know where is the SingPost tracking number?

The SingPost tracking number will found on your receipt and is made up of 13 digits (ex. XZD0001253121), that is all you need to track your delivery status of the SingPost parcel.

Contact SingPost

How can I check my parcel delivery status with SingPost tracking number?

You can track the SingPost parcel in online system which will provide you with the latest delivery information about the status of your shipment.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I track my SingPost parcel by the recipient's name?

    Unable to track the SingPost package from the recipient's name. If the sender forgot the tracking number, please contact SingPost to verify the shipment information.

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