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Track your package with Ninja Van Singapore Online Tracking System. Enter your tracking number of Ninja Van Singapore to check real-time status of your parcel and packages in Singapore.

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Chan Hee Bock - 6/8/2023 13:03:43

No response once items missed delivery

ONG KAR TECK - 6/7/2023 19:34:12

The delivery is supposed to be already paid, but delivery guy still demand $45.00 saying it's COD

Lok Boon Keng - 5/19/2023 6:24:23

Parcel sent to self collection. no QR code given to collect

sam - 5/6/2023 8:56:32

Please deliver before 8pm

Lydia - 4/13/2023 5:03:50


john - 4/2/2023 17:05:24

waited 2 days, still no update on delivery, penalty should be impose on delivery guy

Mr.Khoo - 3/9/2023 22:17:23

Continuing deliver at midnight 11:30-12am

Cheng Weiyi - 2/14/2023 19:58:38

Have requested and set new instructions to leave my parcel at a safe place a few times, my parcel is still not delivered or left it at where it should be. And was brought back to the warehouse for a reschedule delivery the next day and same thing happened. No phone call was made to me and my parcel was still brought back to the warehouse for 2 times

Prbhawti Rai - 1/30/2023 10:46:49


Prbhawti Rai - 1/29/2023 15:12:26


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How to know where is the Ninja Van Singapore tracking number?

The Ninja Van Singapore tracking number will found on your receipt and is made up of 18 digits (ex. NVSGSINGN000014670), that is all you need to track your delivery status of the Ninja Van Singapore parcel.

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How can I check my parcel delivery status with Ninja Van Singapore tracking number?

You can track the Ninja Van Singapore parcel in online system which will provide you with the latest delivery information about the status of your shipment.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I track my Ninja Van Singapore parcel by the recipient's name?

    Unable to track the Ninja Van Singapore package from the recipient's name. If the sender forgot the tracking number, please contact Ninja Van Singapore to verify the shipment information.

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