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Real time tracking and monitoring parcel packages status in Singapore. Supports DHL, SingPost, J&T, Ninja Van, FedEx, UPS, CJ, Shopee Xpress SPX, Qxpress, Speedpost and more.

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About Parcel Tracking in Singapore

Track your parcel packages in Singapore anywhere and anytime.

Track and Trace one or multiple parcel packages with Parcel Tracking Singapore. Real-time status parcel tracking to check tracking status of your parcel with tracking number.

How to track the parcel packages?

Just enter the tracking number (reference number). Following the steps of Parcel Tracking Singapore online system to track your parcel or shipment.

Transport companies which support our online tracking system with Parcel Tracking Singapore for example DHL Singapore , SingPost , J&T Express Singapore , Ninja Van Singapore , FedEx Singapore , UPS Singapore , Shopee Xpress , Qxpress , Speedpost Singapore , CJ Logistics Singapore ,

Last reviews


Cella - 3/2/2024 14:05:04

The delivery stated has been delivery for viewday,but I still no receive the item


Andy - 3/2/2024 13:36:41

Been delivering for 4 days and still did not deliver SPXSG046993438592


Vivian - 3/2/2024 10:42:24

Parcel stated out for delivery frm yesterday till now but i never Received my parcel at all!! Wat a poor service !!!


At - 3/2/2024 8:24:36

Very irresponsible service, the items have been shipped put by the seller almost immediate, but the items hold on at your side for a week plus. Very bad service.


Holly - 3/1/2024 19:05:02

3S for you SUCKS SLOW and SHITTY


Candy Yeo - 3/1/2024 11:30:36

Did not receive parcel but status state delivered


No good 😑😑😑😑 - 3/1/2024 7:33:40



Tiffany - 2/29/2024 22:48:31

said my parcel was delivered but i have been home all day and no parcel was delivered?? checked my mailbox too and nth was thr


k.thh - 2/29/2024 15:08:55

horrible, sg isnt even that big how can my packages be out for delivery for 2 days, i have been home the entire time so no reason to say that im not home, very inefficient service


Vion - 2/29/2024 8:55:40

Out for delivery for 2 freaking days?? Is SG so big need 2 days on route?

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